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Barbra Segual is RVR's energetic water aerobics queen!
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We Can Help
We have all seen the news reports of the physical and emotional devastation that Hurricane Harvey has wrought on thousands of families. It is difficult to grasp the extent to which the lives of these individuals and families have been changed.
We have all heard incredible stories of heroic person-to-person rescue efforts that show us the difference that one individual can make in a time of great need.
Some of our very own RVR community members have been affected by this disaster.  Read more >
RVR Irrigation crews will be conducting the end-of-season irrigation blow-out process.
The community irrigation water will be off as of October 8th.
 Read more >
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Golf Updates
The RVRMA Board and Golf Advisory Committee are awaiting a presentation from DHM Design of Carbondale later this month, the next step in understanding how the RVR golf course could potentially be used as “open space.”

DHM is working on cost estimates for a range of open space scenarios that the RVRMA could pursue if it owned or controlled the RVR golf course. The cost estimates are phase two of the consulting agreement with DHM. Phase one defined the open space scenarios.

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