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Please be advised, per the RVRMA Governing Documents, you may not rent out a room or portion of your home. Section 3.35 of the Master Declaration reads, "The Lease must cover the entire Unit or Lot or duplex half or Apartment (i.e. no Leases of bedrooms alone or otherwise covering less than all of the Unit or Lot or duplex half or Apartment shall be permitted)."  Read more >
When using the Ranch House gym, please be considerate and re-rack your weights when you are finished. We aren't all as big and strong as you are! Many times, other members and the staff struggle to put away the weights left out or on the bar. Read more >
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Golf Updates
Golf Open Space Report Set for Monday Release
On Monday, the RVR Master Association Board is planning to release the golf course Open Space Report. DHM Design of Carbondale produced the report as part of the Board’s due diligence regarding options for the golf course. The report describes a range of possible scenarios – along with corresponding costs – if the golf course were to close and RVR had control or ownership of the course. We will share the report, in its entirety, with all RVR property owners, the same way we shared the Billy Casper Golf report earlier this year.

Look for it in your e-mailbox on Monday.

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