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The Settlement

The Settlement neighborhood at River Valley Ranch currently consists of 53 single-family detached homes located at the north end of River Valley Ranch adjacent to the golf course and overlooking the Crystal River. At build-out, there will be 59 homes in The Settlement. The homes range from approximately 1500 to 4500 square feet. The Settlement is part of the River Valley Ranch Master Association (RVRMA). The RVRMA provides numerous services to Settlement Owners for an additional dues line. Additional services include turf grass maintenance on front and rear yards, irrigation water, snow removal, and periodic repainting. The Settlement services do not include maintaining and repairing the structural elements and roofs of any homes. Please refer to the Amended and Restated Master Declaration of Protective Covenants for River Valley Ranch for all relevant information. The Settlement services and initiatives are guided and reviewed by the Settlement Advisory Committee (SAC). Additional information can be found in The Settlement Neighborhood Charter.


The Settlement Advisory Council

Bill Brown - Chair

Lani Kitching - Board Liason

Anne Hillmuth - Member

Chuck Torinus - Member


To access The Settlement Governing Documents, click HERE.


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