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RVR Weekly News Updates

In follow-up to last week’s article on Fitness Etiquette we’d like also to remind our adult audience of their responsibility to manage their children’s behavior both in and around the Ranch House. During the past few weeks of school vacations our staff handled several incidents involving children behaving badly. Read more >
When visiting the Ranch House to take a group fitness class or to use the weight room, please practice good fitness etiquette and be respectful of other members. When exercising at RVR, please: Read more >
Dear Homeowners,

I want to send a “thank you” out to all of you homeowners who signed up for auto-deduction of your HOA dues (ACH) from your financial institution. It saves me time and energy not having to remind you every year when your HOA dues change amounts! Read more >
Please be advised, per the RVRMA Governing Documents, you may not rent out a room or portion of your home. Section 3.35 of the Master Declaration reads, "The Lease must cover the entire Unit or Lot or duplex half or Apartment (i.e. no Leases of bedrooms alone or otherwise covering less than all of the Unit or Lot or duplex half or Apartment shall be permitted)."  Read more >
When using the Ranch House gym, please be considerate and re-rack your weights when you are finished. We aren't all as big and strong as you are! Many times, other members and the staff struggle to put away the weights left out or on the bar. Read more >
Please be aware, glass containers are prohibited in the steam rooms and out by the hot tubs and lap pool. Read more >
The first sections of lockers in each locker room are now locked and available for daily use. Stop by the front desk to check out a key! Read more >
The Knotty Knitters are back at it. If you would like some company while you work on your knitting projects or are just looking for a reason to get back into knitting, this is the group for you! Read more >
Please remember to sign up for your spot in the lap pool when you come to swim. This helps us to effectively manage the scheduling, use and maintenance of the lap pool. Read more >
Many of our community members own all sorts of recreation vehicles and other outdoor toys. (Hey, we live in Colorado after all!) Read more >
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