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RVR Weekly News Updates

On Saturday, May 11, RVR will host its Annual Tennis Kick-Off Event celebrating the start of the 2019 season Read more >
On Wednesday, the RVR Master Association Executive Board took a key step in its efforts to strengthen enforcement of the community’s covenants and rules.  Read more >
You can now follow us on Instagram at rvrcarbondale. Read more >
We are happy to announce that Courts 1, 2 and 3 are now open with the other two scheduled to open soon.  Read more >
The Board and our management team remind you that if you want to remove a tree, or trees, from your property, please contact General Manager Sterling Page or Community Services Manager Kendra Ford before beginning any plans of removal.  Read more >
The RVR irrigation system is currently up and running in all areas. Owners on the West Side of the Crystal River will need to turn on their water at their curb valve. If you need assistance with this, you should call your landscape maintenance contractor. Read more >
Also at its Wednesday meeting, the Board thanked outgoing Board Secretary Leslie Marcus for her years of service to the RVR community.  Read more >
We have received reports of drones flying low and close to homes in RVR. We would like to remind our community members that the state of Colorado has regulations and laws that must be followed when flying this type of aircraft.  Read more >
RVR Resident, Frosty Merriott, took this photo of two majestic swans on the Crystal Bridge Retention Pond. Thank you, Frosty, for sharing this lovely moment in time with us. Read more >
Be sure to stop by the Ranch House during the months of April and May to view some amazing pieces by Amber Sparkles and Daniel Oldenberg. Read more >
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