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RVR Weekly News Updates

Many of you are beating the summer heat by getting your workout done in the lap pool. We love to see you all out there and would like to remind everyone to be courteous of other lap pool users.  Read more >
RVR property owner Gary Lesser has a new travel blog he’d like to share with you. It’s called “Riding With Gary: All Vroom, All the Time.”
Gary takes one major trip each year on his Harley Davidson motorcycle and blogs daily about his travels
As a retired PR manager and former journalist, he still enjoys stringing together subjects and verbs to tell stories, in this case, tales of his days on the road. Read more >
Staff Chat
Master Associations and Sub-Associations
Pam Britton, DRC and Governance Administrator

Master-planned communities are large developments that can integrate a variety of neighborhoods, sub-divisions, recreational facilities and amenities under one community umbrella, generally with a focus on lifestyle, convenience and quality of life. Most master-planned communities offer homebuyers a range of residential options suited to different life stages and price points, from single-family homes to townhomes to condominiums and even to apartments. These residences are often located in distinct neighborhoods within the community, and may be developed by multiple builders.
 Read more >
Social Events – Our Colorado summer months provide an ideal setting for the gathering of friends and family. RVR was excited to add to the community’s social calendar by once again hosting the annual Independence Day “Star Spangled Ranch” Jubilee. Read more >
The "Dive-In" Movie will be held on Saturday, August 19th! Read more >
The weather is changing and we are getting into some rainy days so we want to make sure you are aware of the RVR tennis policy Read more >
Come by the Ranch House to hear the emotional story of a young dutch girl who lived through the Nazi occupation and how her family saved their Jewish nanny.  Read more >
Due to low usage, FedEx will be removing the drop box located in the front closet of the Ranch House on August 7th. If you need to send a package after the 7th, you can use the following Carbondale locations: Read more >
We have had two recent reports of bear activity in RVR. Trash was seen strewn about in Old Town early Tuesday morning (presumably by a bear). A bear and her cub were sighted in a private yard near the Crystal River at the North Bridge last night.  Read more >
Join Donna Lee Humble at 10:30am on Saturday, July 29th for an Intro to Higher Self Care workshop.  Read more >
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