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Living at RVR

River Valley Ranch is a GREAT place to live! These articles deal with issues unique to living at RVR, in the Roaring Fork Valley, in Colorado, and in an HOA. In particular, there is valuable home, fire, and personal safety information included in this section.

Disclaimer: The information on this site comes from reliable sources, however no guarantee is made of its completeness or accuracy. This information can change or be withdrawn at any time. Please note, this information and these materials are the property of RVRMA and may not be distributed or used for any purpose other than for reference without express written permission from the RVRMA. 


General Information

Introduction to Community Association Living

Bear Proofing Your Home

A Bear's Quest for Calories

Town of Carbondale Ordinance 14 - Trash Containers

Living with Lions

Same Day, Single Provider Residential Trash and Recycling Comes to RVR

Community members asked us to pursue same day, single provider trash and recycling services for our community in order to eliminate redundant truck traffic and reduce the potential impacts on wildlife caused by having trash receptacles on our streets five days per week. A bid process was conducted and the successful bidder was Mountain Refuse, Inc. (MRI) who offered the overall best package of service, price, quality, and convenience. Starting March 31st, MRI will collect trash and recycling for all homes at River Valley Ranch.  

For more specific information regarding trash collection and recycling, click HERE to visit the Trash and Recycling page of this website. 

Living with Pets at RVR

We love our Pets! And, in a community like River Valley Ranch, we need to be conscious of the impact our pets may have on our neighbors. Following is information about Town of Carbondale regulations and RVR standards for courteous pet ownership.

Town of Carbondale Animal Ordinances

Town of Carbondale Pet Regulation FAQ's

Dogs, Leashes, and Bringing Your Pet to the Ranch House

Cleaning Up After Your Pets

AVMA - Responsible Pet Ownership Guidelines

AHA - Cats: Indoor vs. Outdoors

Is Your Dog a Good Neighbor?

Emergency Preparedness Information

Emergency Preparedness Checklist

Red Cross Ready Checklist

Landscape Maintenance and Protocols 

Tree Care Protocol

Be Water Smart!

Prima Plant Care Newsletter

Firewise Information

Firewise Website

A Guide to Firewise Principles

Firewise Checklist for Homeowners

Fire Adapted Communities Website

Ready Set Go Website

What to Do in Case of Wildfire


Weed Control

Material Safety Data Sheets


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