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Design Review Committee

Welcome to Design Review Committees section of the Library. This area includes the most current version of the River Valley Ranch Design Guidelines, forms to request a review with the DRC, and checklists of required materials for Preliminary and Final Design submittals.

The Design Review Committee generally meets on the first and third Thursday of every month.

If you have any questions about the Design Review process, feel free to contact Community Services Manager Kendra Ford at 970.963.6300.

Please remember: All exterior landscape or structural improvements at RVR are required to be reviewed.

Disclaimer: The information on this site comes from reliable sources, however no guarantee is made of its completeness or accuracy. This information can change or be withdrawn at any time. Please note, this information and these materials are the property of RVRMA and may not be distributed or used for any purpose other than for reference without express written permission from the RVRMA. 

RVRMA Design Guidelines

Click HERE to access the RVRMA Design Guidelines and Amendments


DRC Forms       

Click HERE to access DRC Forms       

   DRC Committee Members

            Kevin Kreuz, Architect, DRC Chair

            Kelleigh Condon, Architect

            Jennifer Dicuollo, Landscape Architect   


DRC Meeting Schedule

  2018 DRC Meeting Schedule


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