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Local Attractions

There are an endless number of interesting, unique, and exciting things to do in the Roaring Fork Valley! At one end of our Valley, Aspen hosts amazing events include the Wine and Food Fest, Comedy Fest, Pro Cycling Tour, Jazz Aspen Snowmass, and many other world-renowned events.

Believe it or not, there is a more subtle side to Aspen as well. Are museums, the theater, ballet, your cup of tea? Aspen has these in abundance! What about the great outdoors? It doesn't get more glorious than Aspen, regardless of what season you pick.

But, there's more to the Roaring Fork Valley than just Aspen. At the other end of the valley is Glenwood Springs, home to the natural hot springs pools the town is named for. Glenwood was recently selected, "The Most Fun Little Town in America".

With the fabulous Colorado River running through the town, Glenwood boasts wonderful rafting and other water sports and incredible fishing in several Gold Medal streams that feed the mighty Colorado River. When the snow falls, the nearby Sunlight Ski Resort is a wonderful, family friendly place to ski, followed by a warming dip in the Hot Springs pools. Glenwood has its own unique amusement park, the Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park. The park features exciting rides, restaurants, and natural vapor caves with their awe-inspiring stalactite and stalagmite formations.

Not to be outdone, the mid-Valley towns of Carbondale and Basalt are choc-full of natural adventures...fishing, rafting, cycling, and hiking. Carbondale was voted one of the "Best Towns" of 2013 by Outside Magazine. To read the article, click HERE.

Some of the very best restaurants in Western Colorado can be found on the quaint main streets of these two towns. If you want to taste the spirit of the old west, don't miss the Carbondale Rodeo! Load up the pick-up, ice up the beverages, slip on the spurs and get ready for some down-home fun!

This Valley is ready and waiting....for you!

Cool Things to Do - By Region

Things to do in the Roaring Fork Valley

This link has a list of 91 trails and places to visit. They each have pictures, ratings, and comments from people that that have visited the places.
Roaring Fork Valley Activities

This link is similar but it has a list of 45 adventure type companies in the valley that people can go to for things like rafting, jeeping, and tours.

Carbondale Events and Activities
This links to a page showing all of the upcoming events going on in Carbondale.
Glenwood Springs Events and Activities
This links to a page that lists things to do in Glenwood during the summertime.  There is a similar page for winter time as well.
Basalt Events and Activities
This links to a list of events upcoming in Basalt.
Aspen Events and Activities
This links to events throughout the year in Aspen 

This links to information about  Marble, Colorado activities and attractions...including fabulous Milton Falls         
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