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Ethan Wexler - Lifeguard & Swim Instructor
River Valley Ranch has been my home for as long as I can remember. I grew up in RVR and have spent countless hours over the summers at the pool and learning to swim and forming an ever-increasing love for water. This is my third summer as an RVR Lifeguard as I head into my senior year at the Colorado Rocky Mountain School (CRMS). I am an avid and passionate kayaker and telemark-skier. Over the summer I love surrounding my self by water either at work or in the canyons. I truly enjoy teaching kids so they can be comfortable and confident in the pool in order to have fun in the water all summer. You can reach Ethan at 970.274.9708 or ebfwexler@gmail.com to set up private or semi private swim lessons. Click here for pricing and more details about swim instruction at RVR.

Barbara Segaul – Water Aerobics Instructor

Barbara Segaul has been an RVR resident since 2005 but previously spent winters in Florida where she also led a Water Aerobics class. In 2012, Barbara, and her husband Arthur, made the move from part-time resident to full time! As a result, RVR is excited to offer year-round water aerobics classes under Barbara’s energetic leadership. Barbara uses high tempo music and exercise progressions to keep her loyal crew stretching, getting their heart rates up and having a great time. Barbara has received training in Water Aerobics instruction.  



David Clark – Master Swim Coach

David Clark is a very accomplished athlete who competes in triathlons throughout the country. Dave coaches the RVR Masters Swim program. The program, made up of both competitive and fitness driven swimmers, takes place in the fall, winter and spring. Dave works with Masters Swim participants to bring out the best in their individual swimming capability. He focuses on cardiovascular fitness, on swim technique and on lifestyle and nutrition choices. Dave is a USA Triathlon Certified Coach and USA Cycling Certified Coach. For information on private instruction, contact Dave at: davidc@rof.net 


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