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RVR Tennis Rules & Regulations

Revised February 2017

1. Tennis members must check in at the Front Desk upon entering the Ranch House. Members will be assigned a member number. Photos will be attached to each member account.  

2. Purchases for services and goods will require a valid credit card on file or payment by check. Payments are rendered at time of service.

3. Access to the tennis area is through the Ranch House main doors. Entering and leaving through the side gates is prohibited unless previous arrangements have been made with management.

4. Tennis members are not permitted to bring in guests.

5. All court reservations are made online at rivervalleyranch.tennisbookings.com. Homeowners may make Court reservations 4 days in advance and non-homeowner members may make them 2 days in advance. Players may not “double book” courts on the same day (two court times-different opponents) unless prior approval is obtained from the Director of Tennis.

6. Prime morning court times are blocked to ensure maximum court usage. Court reservation times will vary based on weather and court conditions.

7. Court Reservation blocks are one and a half (1½) hours. Playing time may be extended if court is not reserved, however court must be relinquished upon request to players that have not utilized a previous court time.

8. Cancellation of court times are encouraged a minimum of 4 hours in advance of scheduled time. Members reserving a court must arrive no later than thirty (30) minutes from the reservation start time or risk losing the court. Members with scheduled private lessons or registered for a prepaid event must cancel 24 hours in advance or be charged the full amount. Events marked as “non-refundable” are exempt from this rule.

9. The ball machine may be reserved, subject to availability.

10. Players may not use courts prior to the first court reservation block; in cases of inclement weather or court repairs, the Tennis Director and/or maintenance staff will determine when the courts are open to play.

11. All players are required to sweep the court surface and lines at the conclusion of play.

12. Proper tennis attire as determined by the Director of Tennis is required at all times. Colors are permitted, but cut-offs, Bermudas, jams, bathing suits, mesh shirts, tank tops, cotton T-shirts, gym shorts, sweat pants, slacks and running shorts are not permitted. Required attire includes sleeved shirts for men and tennis coordinates for women. Regulation tennis shoes are required. All guests are expected to adhere to the dress code.

13. Alcohol must be purchased and consumed on the premises. Alcohol is not allowed to be brought onto the premises from outside. Glass containers are not allowed in the Tennis area.

14. Proper tennis etiquette should be observed at all times. Excessive noise, racquet throwing or profanity will not be permitted at any time.

15. Members must follow all policies regarding play as set forth by the Tennis Director and/or the USTA.

16. Use of the tennis courts shall at all times be subject to the control of the Ranch House. The Ranch House may reserve courts for special events when needed.

17. The tennis facilities may be closed when necessary for maintenance operations, party reservations, and unsafe weather or conditions. Courts will remain closed at the discretion of the Tennis Director and maintenance staff and cannot be played on until deemed playable.

18. In the event that courts are re-opened after a closure, the Tennis Director will have priority in usage followed by any scheduled activity (League, round robin, etc.). Members can then reserve the court if available.

19. Tennis Director may reserve courts at any time for programming purposes.

20. The Ranch House staff may implement temporary rules during peak play periods as deemed necessary.


RVR Sanctioned League Play Rules and Regulations.

1. Every player on a RVR League team MUST be a RVR property owner or RVR Tennis member and adhere to all RVRMA membership rules and regulations.

2. Captains will be responsible for ensuring that all team players are RVR members. Any team with a non-member player on their roster will be sanctioned and the Captain will be held responsible for any charges accrued by the non-member.

3. Each player on the roster will be charged an RVR League fee per team per league season which covers administration and court usage.

4. Captains must verify their match court reservations for the whole league season at least 48 hours prior to their first match. Management will make every effort to accommodate league play but courts are subject to availability.

5. League matches will be booked on Courts 3, 4, and 5. Courts 1 and 2 will be made available at the discretion of the Tennis Director.

6. The Tennis Director will make every effort to make Courts 1 and 2 available in the case of a double booking (2 home teams playing at the same time) but cannot guarantee their availability. Captains can choose to reschedule the match or use other public tennis facilities.

7. Re-scheduled matches must be approved by the Tennis Director prior to booking courts with the Front Desk.

8. One can of balls will be provided for each match. Players should return the match balls to the Tennis Pro Shop or the Front Desk after play.

9. Visiting team players who are not RVR members must sign in on the Visiting Team sheet at the Front Desk each visit and fill out a RVRMA Waiver of Liability (once a season) prior to playing on the RVR courts.

10. Members and visiting players must follow all policies regarding league play as set forth by the Tennis Director and/or the USTA. 

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