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Weekly tips that will help you get the most from your tennis game!


For most players, the forehand is the preferred offensive weapon. To make it a more consistent, more powerful weapon, it helps to hit it from the same spot, relative to your body. This is the Power (or Strike) Zone.
The power zone for your forehand (and backhand) is  Read more >
How many times have you heard a sports announcer say something like, "he's in the zone", "she's playing out of her head", "he's unconscious!" We play our best when we turn off the part of our brain that worries about the future or dwells on the failures of the past. Even if it's the failures of the past 10 minutes. Our subconscious mind has the  Read more >
We've seen that a player's mental strength is significantly affected by their levels of confidence. Players tend to go through phases. Top players have their moments where they can be incredibly on the ball, but might go through particular phases where they are lacking in confidence.  Read more >
What happens when a player is facing off against an opponent that is quite simply a class above them? Immediately it forces that player to go into the match with the mindset that playing their normal style of game isn't going to cut it and that it will just result in getting outplayed. Read more >
Every player has their bad days, but how that individual person deals with it, says a lot about how good of a player they are, much more so than how well a player can play on their "on" days. There are going to be days where players can't find the timing on their shots, and they can't even seem to feel or control where it's going. What is the best solution?  Read more >
How should players approach big points, in order to find their best tennis when it is absolutely necessary? Players can either choose to take the riskier approach and back themselves, to try and hit their biggest serves in, or either go the safer route by trying to maximize the chance of getting a first serve in. Should players try to raise their game under pressure and is it better to aim big or high percentage? Read more >
You’ve probably heard the idea of being more relaxed while playing tennis and seen players being really comfortable while hitting with power.

But how do you play tennis in a more relaxed way? The tricky thing is that just saying to yourself to simply be more relaxed usually doesn’t work. Read more >
Step 1- Use a continental grip. A continental grip is best described as holding the racket perpendicular to the ground and holding it with your pointer finger along the first bevel of the racket.

Step 2 - Point left foot towards opposite post of net (cross court post) while your right foot is parallel to the court. Read more >
If you are looking to add a bit of friendly sabotage to your tennis opponent’s game, consider popping a few of his tennis balls in the freezer beforehand. When a tennis ball’s temperature changes, the ball’s gas-filled core undergoes an interesting reaction. While a temperature change in one direction has a high-bouncing effect, a temperature change in the other direction reduces the ball’s bouncing abilities. Read more >
The main factor which can completely turn the tide on your timing is your focus. Players who aren’t focused get easily distracted by such things like opponent’s sudden movement, outbursts by the crowd, changes in the weather, the idea of trailing and needing to catch up and tons of other things.

And the result is almost always the same. They usually end up hitting the ball late and a lot of times not only lose the game or the set, but it can even become a match or championship ending problem. Read more >
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