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Compost Disposal

Our trash hauling provider has extended a wonderful opportunity to the RVR community to dispose of our spent summer garden organic waste and, at the same time, support a local business. Sustainable Settings Ranch will use our organic matter to ground into compost. Mountain Waste & Recycling will deliver a 30 yard bin to the Ranch House parking lot on Monday, Oct. 16th. This container will be clearly labeled to accept organic plant material only including leaves, twigs, plants and soil. This program is exclusive to raw materials so it will be necessary to dump your items out of the box or bag you brought them in. We thank our partners at MWR for including us in this commendable joint venture.

Sustainable Settings Ranch
Sustainable Settings is a working ranch located at 6107 Highway 133 in Carbondale where they feature heritage livestock breeds and heirloom varieties of fruits and vegetables. Production includes Demeter Certified fruit, vegetables, herbs, eggs, grass fed dairy, lamb, beef, pork and holiday turkeys that are sold from their ranch store. Sustainable Settings Ranch is also a Whole Systems Learning Center on 244 acres in the Rocky Mountains at 6,500 ft. elevation where they research, develop and teach models of sustainable daily living. Programming includes whole-systems approaches to green development, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, art for daily life and community interdependence fostering responsible integration of human activity within natural systems.

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