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The terms of office for Executive Board members Scott Darling, Yvonne Perry, and Todd Richmond will expire on July 26, 2017. Each of these individuals have indicated that they plan to run for another term of office.

Property owners who are also interested in running for these positions can declare their candidacy by sending a “Candidate Statement of Interest and Qualifications” to Pamela Britton at

Your Candidate Statement should tell community members about you, your background, and what you would bring to the role of RVRMA Board member. Candidate Statements will be posted on the RVR Website and Bulletin Board. The deadline to declare your candidacy is Thursday, June 1st  at 5:00pm.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Pam Britton, 970.710.9040.

Following is a schedule of key Election activities.

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