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Community Gathering

The 2018 Summer Community Gathering had a wonderful turnout of about 100 property owners in attendance. We enjoyed a beautiful evening of cocktails and a taco bar by the pool before presentations. Scott Darling kicked off the evening with the customary “State of the Community” address that provided a recap of this year’s objectives, what goals have been met, and the status of ongoing projects. Click here to view Scott’s presentation.

Brian Leasure presented a "State of our Real Estate" with a comparison of RVR and Aspen Glen listings, sales for 2017, and YTD. Click here for comparison information.

The new slate of volunteer Executive Board officers elected in the preceding Executive Board Meeting was announced. Yvonne Perry accepted the post of Board President, Ron Rouse the Vice-President, and Todd Richmond will continue as Board Treasurer with Leslie Marcus as the Board Secretary. Gary Schalla will stay on as Director-at-Large. Lani Kitching and Scott Darling have resigned from the Board and a call for candidates to fill two open positions has been made.

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