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Golf Course Committee

Golf Course Committee
The RVR Master Association Board of Directors has appointed an Ad Hoc Golf Course Advisory Committee to address the future of RVR golf operations. The Board formed the committee after receiving a proposal from the golf course owner requesting financial assistance and/or support for rezoning the current driving range. The Committee, which is meeting weekly, is chartered to make actionable recommendations to the RVRMA Board of Directors.
Community Representatives on the Committee:
Jeff Davlyn, Bob Emerson, Michelle Hagemann, Brian Leasure, Gary Lesser
(Chairperson), and Paul Perry

Board of Directors Representatives on the Committee:
Leslie Marcus and Ron Rouse
Please email Community Services Manager, Kendra Ford, at csm@rvrcommunity.com
with comments, and she will be sure to pass those along to the Committee.
Additional updates will be shared in a timely manner.

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