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Important Rental Information!

Renting out your home? Here are some important things to remember:

• If you are currently renting out your home or thinking about it, here’s a reminder: All rentals and leases within RVR must register with the Ranch House. This applies to long-term leases as well as short-term rentals.
• Anytime you rent out your home, whether transferring your membership or not, you must have a lease on file at the Ranch House.
• Per the RVR Master Declaration, a lease must be of an entire 'unit' whether it is an ADU, caretaker unit, half of a duplex or single family dwelling. Leasing of just a bedroom is NOT permitted.
• Use of your home is limited to single-family occupancy so your tenants must fall within the definition of a family laid out in the Master Declaration.

And, if you do rent or lease your home, you are responsible for the behavior of your tenant. That means you need to make sure anyone staying in your home is aware of our rules regarding parking, trash, noise and other issues designed to keep our community problem-free.

If you have any questions, email memberservices@rvrcommunity.com. You can also access the RVRMA governing documents on the RVRMA website by clicking here.

Have a question or comment? Click Here. You can also check the most Frequently Asked Questions by clicking here.