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Update on Enforcement Policy and Fine Schedule

At its regularly scheduled monthly meeting, the RVRMA Executive Board on Wednesday, May 22 adopted a revised Governing Documents Enforcement Policy and Schedule of Fines. The Board took this step because of its legal duty to enforce the documents we all agree to live by when we purchase property at RVR. Our current covenants and rules contain many references to enforcement, including the use of fines, if needed, to bring about compliance. During its discussion, the Board said it hoped to use warnings, conversations and courteous dialog between RVR management and property owners to bring about compliance — without the need for fines. The Board hopes only to resort to fines when the “friendly” tactics don’t result in compliance.

Our June “View From the Board” will have more about the revised policy, and we will have frequent communication about highlighted policies and rules in our RVR Weekly News.

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