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RVR Governing Documents Committee: Call for Candidates

Like a 20-year-old home needing a kitchen remodel, RVR’s original governing documents are in need of an update.

That’s why the RVR Executive Board recently chartered a new Governing Documents Committee to identify covenants and rules that have not kept up with the times, discuss changes, and propose solutions to the homeowners.

One example is short-term rentals, like VRBO and Air Bnb, which pretty much didn’t exist when our governing documents were originally written. The result is that the RVR Board has very little ability to restrict short-term rentals without revising our covenants. For example, there’s nothing in our documents to prevent RVR from having hundreds of short-term rentals, and nothing to stop a homeowner from renting their house by the hour.

The Governing Documents Committee is being chaired by RVR Board Members Ben Johnston and Gary Lesser. The Committee is now seeking interested candidates who are willing to help fix what isn’t working. The committee should begin meeting in August 2019; its work is expected to last about a year, culminating in a vote by homeowners on proposed changes. Committee member time commitment will be about 10 hours each month, split between meetings and offline “homework.”

If you’re interested in serving, please send your statement of interest to Community Services Manager Kendra Ford (csm@rvrcommunity.com). Be sure to include a little about yourself, why you want to serve, any previous relevant community experience – at RVR or elsewhere – and any particular areas in our governing documents you think need addressing.

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