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Tip of the Week - Game Situations

Game situations are the conditions such as the score, whether the player is serving or receiving, whether the player is winning or losing and the environmental conditions ( sun, wind, etc.) that exist in a particular game. They will often dictate the kind of strategy or tactics employed for a specific game or point. Successfully handling different game situations means taking into account the score and adjusting the tactics given the different scenarios above and knowing how to play the important points.

For example, if a player is serving at 15-40 while against the wind and looking into the sun, he should play the point more cautiously, especially at the beginning. Therefore, he should hit his highest percentage serve while avoiding an early ball error. If, however the player is up 40-15, he can afford to be more aggressive and risk a little bit more by hitting lower percentage shots, going for something he may not have tried in another situation. The score affects the level of risk you should be taking.

Another element to take into consideration is the opponent’s reaction to big points.  Some people, when they get down, especially when down on a break point, go for a big shot. Some players just play really conservative. So the key is to study your opponent during the match and adapt your game to the different situations! Next time you are up in a game don’t forget to try more of a risky shot. At the same time if you are down in a game, just play conservative stay consistent and try not to make unforced errors. In your next match choose the right shot for the right situation!

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