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Tip of the Week - Watch the Ball

This is a general statement that we all hear from every tennis pro. However, how do we make sure our eyes can concentrate on watching the ball? Or even better, why is it hard to watch the ball?

The biggest reason is curiosity. We all want to see where the ball goes before we are even finished hitting it. Also our eyes can get distracted easily unless we give them specific instructions. So, three things need to happen before we allow our eyes to look up:



  1. Follow the ball for as long as you can. See it come out your opponents racquet and see it bounce on your side of the court.
  2. Look for the seams of the ball right before you decided to make contact on a particular spot on the ball. Just like playing billiards, you can go cross court by hitting the outside of the ball, you can go down the line by hitting the back of the ball or you can go inside out by hitting the inside of the ball.
  3. See a streak of color coming off of your racquet as you swing through the ball. This will keep your eyes interested on watching the ball longer. Your arm will stretch as well which will allow you to have longer follow through

Looking up is a result of many emotions such as insecurity, impatience and anxiety, so recognizing that these feelings are going through your mind and body is the first step. Don’t forget to breath that will ease the moment of impact.

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