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Stroke of the Week: Drop Shot

The drop shot might be a touch shot, but that doesn't mean it's not an assertive shot. When you hit a drop shot, you're on the offensive. You need to execute it with conviction. To start, you must have strong court positioning well inside the baseline. If you're close to the baseline, the drop shot is a desperation shot and unlikely to work.

You must set up as you would on other shots. Flex your knees, balance yourself and take your racquet back as you would on a slice backhand. Don't let the racquet face dangle. This will give away your intentions and impair your swing. Use a Continental grip and bring your racquet back with your non-dominant hand.

There's a difference between "down and out" and "out and down." Your drop shot swing shouldn't exaggerate the downward movement; you still have to hit the ball over the net. Open your racquet face slightly. Soften your hands as you swing and don't accelerate through the shot as you would on a slice drive. But you still need to step into the shot and move your non-dominant arm in the opposite direction of your hitting arm, to keep you balanced. Come and join our clinic on Thursday, August 9th from 11:00 to 12:00 to learn more and practice this great stroke.

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