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Tip of the Week - Balance

Tennis principal #1 and the foundation of every stroke is BALANCE.


A balanced opportunity to hit the ball is the most important ingredient in any successful shot. So, if balance is the goal, how will we know if we have achieved it? The indicators of success are best expressed as objectives. In the case of the balance principal, the primary objective is to keep the head UP and STILL, whereas leaning and reaching will indicate an out-of-balance condition. Whenever a shot is missed, the player should replay the shot mentally, looking for an out-of-balance condition; many more times than not, one will be found.


Another way to keep your balance is to try to keep your upper body as quite as possible while hitting your shots. Your feet have to move at all times and doing little steps before you are ready to hit the ball, your upper body on the other hand has to stay still as much as possible.


Good luck in keeping your balance on and off the court!

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