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Tip of the Week: Decision Making

There are mental factors that can help perfect your timing in hitting the ball: focus, decision making, and mental/muscle memory. This week we are going to talk about decision making...

Decisiveness has a direct impact on your timing in hitting the ball. Any player who is not sure as to how much pace or force he has to put behind an incoming ball or struggles on deciding what shot sh/she wants to execute for a specific situation will definitely hit it late quite often.

And a stroke played late will, may times, result in incorrect ball direction and placement. This means a lot longer, scrappier, more difficult points. So how do we better decisions?

A great way to enhance your decision making ability is to practice hitting balls coming at different speeds. That's right, give yourself different looks, because that's exactly the stuff you're going to see in a live game. Playing with different partners will build your skill in adapting to different styles and improve your decision making.

Another way to build decision making is to use the ball machine and choose the random setting. This way you are going to see different balls coming to you and it will give you a different look all the time.

Overall what you want to try to practice is to get used to different speeds, trajectory, and spin. Only then will you be able to learn to correctly assess how you should tackle the ball when it's coming to you, and as a result make better/faster decisions on how and where to hit the ball.

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