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Tip of the Week: Game Style

There are four major game styles: baseline, counterpunch, attack and all-court.

The Baseliner player tries to win the point by being more consistent ( pusher) or hitting winners from the back of the court with fast, attacking shots that the opponent cannot reach or return properly ( aggressive player).

The counterpunch player has the speed and the agility to cover the court, returns almost every ball and is able to turn defensive situations into neutral or offensive situations.

The attack player has a strong serve, is quick around the net, has a feel and touch for volleys and knows how to position himself at the net.  Attackers come to the net at every opportunity when serving.  When returning, they often employ the “chip and charge” return to attack the serve and rush the net.

The all court Player mixes together the different styles to create a versatile and powerful style.  In game situations, they have the ability to select or transition from one style to another very easily, making it very difficult on opponents.  They can be a baseliner, counterpuncher, attacker all at the same time.

With each game style, in singles or doubles, there are certain shots that best suit and complement a strategy, so it is important for players to practice the basic shots for their particular game style.  For example, groundstrokes are the predominant shot for a baseliner, while passing shots and lobs are most appropriate for a counterpuncher. 

Similarly, serves, volleys and approach shots are often utilized by the attacker, and all shots are needed for the all-court player.  Some game styles are more effective than others, so for someone to decide on what style to emphasize, it really depends on what your inclination are, what you have the most fun doing and what is going to be the most successful in a match situation.

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