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Tip of the Week: Mental and Muscle Memory

Over the last month, we have talked about timing, such an important part of our tennis game. If we don't have good 'timing' with the ball we are not going to be on top of our tennis game! There are some MENTAL FACTORS that can help perfect your timing, including: FOCUS, DECISION MAKING, MENTAL AND MUSCLE MEMORY MASTERY.

To master your mental and muscle memory, the number of balls and shots you hit has to go up. The more you hit, the better your timing will be. It's that simple. If you take time off or don't play tennis for a while (as is the case with many club-level players), you're likely to experience an 'off' feeling when returning to the court. I know you probably don't want to hear this, but it's not always a quick fix. In many cases, it takes time, repetition and practice to get your groove back.

When you just want to get your timing back or learn a new shot, besides taking a private lesson, I recommend hitting against the ball machine. I believe that would even be better than hitting with a buddy, because the ball machine will ALWAYS get it back. It will never miss-hit or direct it out of play. Instead, you'll maximize your time and get more than enough shots under your belt to really make sure your timing sinks down deep.

So if you feel your timing is not there and you are playing bad remember the MENTAL FACTORS we talked about during the last few issues:




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