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Tip of the Week - Timing: A Mental Factor

As you recall we have been talking about the four elements to consider to get back into great form before the summer season. The four elements are Cardio, Strengthening, Equipment Check and Strokes/Timing. This week will talk in more detail about “TIMING”.

 It is a tennis player's good timing that allows everything to work well on the tennis court. Good timing allows a tennis player to accurately stroke a tennis ball to a desired primary target (height of net clearance) and then on to a desired secondary target (angle and distance).

How many times have you been on a tennis court and heard a player, or yourself, yell out “My timing is off”, “Why I’m so late?”, or “Dang, I caught that one too early.” Then, you sprint back to the line, thinking the next one will be different, and you lose that point, too, and the next point as well. It feels like you’re doing exactly what you’ve worked on in practice, but the result is nowhere near as nice.

Hitting the ball at precisely the right time is really what tennis is all about, and in order to get it to a high level requires practice and focus training.

When a player finally gets the art of bringing the ball to the sweet-spot range (SSR) of his racket at the right time because it is ingrained deeply both in his mind and his body, he’s able to make the best use of his opponent’s force and able to direct the ball to virtually any specific location he or she desires. Hitting a ball a moment too soon will send it sailing to the back fence or first row of the stands. And, if you hit it a fraction of a second late, your ball will probably end up in bottom of the net. And what’s worse, it will keep happening to you over and over again…until you fix it.

I mean, when this happens, it’s not by some fluke. You’re doing something wrong. Something has shifted off-course from your original game plan, and if your goal is to change the outcome from an unwanted result to a more favorable one, you’re going to have to make a change. There are some MENTAL FACTORS that can help perfect your timing: FOCUS, DECISION MAKING, MENTAL AND MUSCLE MEMORY MASTERY. We will discuss the above factors in the next weeks. Stay tune and work on your timing!

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