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River Valley Ranch has a number of operational entities. The River Valley Ranch Master Association (RVRMA) which owns, manages, operates and maintains all RVRMA assets including things like the Ranch House, Open Space, and flower beds. The RVRMA also provides additional services to the neighborhoods of Old Town and The Settlement.

Additionally, the RVRMA maintains the Town Parks, the right-of-way landscaping on all Town streets and operates the Community Irrigation system. The RVRMA is responsible for the RVR Community Forest which includes approximately 3,500 trees of various species.

The Town of Carbondale is responsible for RVR roads, paved paths water and sanitary sewer systems. This includes snow removal on streets and paved paths and operation, maintenance, repair and replacement of the roads water and sewer systems.

Telephone, television, electricity, and natural gas services are provided by those specific providers. The primary provider for telephone is Centurylink.  Comcast also provides telephone and cable television services at RVR. Internet is provided by both Comcast and Centurylink. Electricity is provided by Xcel Energy and natural gas service is provided by SourceGas. Contact information for all of these providers may be found in this section.



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