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Welcome to Finance section of the library. Here you will find related to the financial activities of the RVR Master Association.

River Valley Ranch Master Association License Information

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2020 RVRMA Budget
2019 RVRMA Budget
2018 RVRMA Budget
2017 RVRMA Budget
2016 RVRMA Budget
2015 RVRMA Budget

Financial Reports
2019 Profit & Loss
2019 Balance Sheet

2017 RVRMA Reserve Study

RVRMA Certificate of Liability Insurance

HOA Assessments
ACH Form
Closing Cost Summary
Payment Options
2020 Assessments by Neighborhood
2019 Assessments by Neighborhood
2018 Assessments by Neighborhood
2017 Assessments by Neighborhood
2016 Assessments by Neighborhood
2015 Assessments

Collections Policy
Collections Policy, rev. 2013

Licenses and Registrations
Certificate of Good Standing
DORA HOA License